WHISTLING PIG WORKSHOP 24 September 2012 Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton VIC
Location: SAM Workshop, Time: 10.30am to 12.00pm Age: Children from 6 years +, Cost: $25.00 per person (Friends of SAM $20.00), Presented By: Albert Mishriki
Ever wanted to make a pig squeal? Yes? This may be your opportunity! This one hour workshop is suited to children 6 years and above. Come along and be inspired by musician Albert Mishriki as he guides children through the process of making a two-tone (could be sound and color) pig that whistles when the snout is blown into. Whistling Pigs will be made from clay and fired in the art museum kiln over the following weeks. Please bring your own art smock.
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Ocarina Making Workshop at Shepparton Art Museum

24 Sep, Location: SAM Workshop, Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm Age: Children from 8 years + adults, Cost: $25 per person (Friends of SAM $20.00), Presented By: Albert Mishriki
An ocarina is an ancient flute-like wind instrument. Variations do exist, but a typical ocarina is an enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the body. It is often ceramic, but other materials may also be used, such as plastic, wood, glass, clay, and metal. In this workshop, Albert Mishriki will guide children though the process of making a clay ocarina which will be fired over the following weeks in the SAM kiln.